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wholesale Japanese JIS O Rings - missionlinks - 06-12-2019

Xiamen SEALS technology serves as leading rubber component manufacturer in China, known for innovation and continuous improvement. Our products have been approved for industries of Automotive, Semi-conductor, Medical, Drinking Water, Food & Drug equipment, Sanitary and various industrial grades. It is our mission that motivates us to contribute efforts to the better world that Xiamen SEALS will become a world class manufacturer with the best rubber products.
Our factory is with advanced technology and equipments, including mould tooling & plating, compound mixing, compression moulded forming, packaging machines and production equipments, inspection and testing devices, with scientific management, especially learning from  Hong Kong & Taiwan management experience & concepts. Our factory produces qualified products in complete specification in standard such as C1976, ISO / TS 16949:2009, JIS2401...The timely delivery relys on more than 5,000 mould toolings and more than 2,000,000 O-rings in stock, which  are best-selling  products exported  to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, USA and Latin Americas and other countries.
Always in process of better quality, excellent service & ensuring positive growth for mutual benefit.
Please contact us today to get your long-term cooperated partners!wholesale Japanese JIS O Rings